AATIRA is a Malaysia scarves brand established in 2019. Our first collection named THE BASIC consists of 5 basic colors with favorite Malaysian drinks.This collection has 2 type of scarves; square scarf known as Bawal and Shawl. We provide 2 different types of scarves to allow women choose type of scarves they prefer the most. 

Our scarves material is Satin Silk. It is high quality satin silk that gives exclusive look, comfortable to wear all day and easy to shape for those who struggle to shape their scarves. AATIRA scarves need less than 5 minutes to style and it fit to any occasion; daily wears, event and even for bridal!

Our customer that we called “Angels” really satisfied with our material for the first time they tried out and most of them purchase twice, Alhamdulillah. We produce high quality product with affordable price and you will not regret to have AATIRA scarves.

Currently we only online based shop and Insya-Allah in future we are planning to open showroom for people come and test our scarves before they buy. We trully thankful to everyone who supported us and love our product. We promised to produce a better product in future to fit everyone requirement.

Thank you, AATIRA.